Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Flute Shaped Feng Shui Wind Chimes

The flute-shaped design offers an elegant feng shui tool. Bamboo flutes are traditionally used in feng shui to enhance the harmony of a location. The soothing sound of the specially tuned chimes brings a blissful sense of peace and balance to any environment and creates positive energy that uplifts one’s spirit and instantly dispels any negative vibrations thereby creating good feng shui. Feng Shui Practitioners usually suggest hanging flutes at an angle to bring energy or CHI into the room. If hung over doorways it will give visitors a sense of peace and safety as they pass under them. Quality craftsmanship guarantees years of enjoyment and with every gentle breeze comes a bright melody and a happy thought.
Tranquil Mist Wind ChimeBliss Mist Wind ChimeA Little Tranquility Wind Chime
Tranquil Mist
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Bliss Mist
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A Little Tranquility
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