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Spirit Winds is a designer, manufacturer and importer of bamboo wind chimes and other unique gifts from around the world. We have been in business since 1994 and online since 1996. We have sold  our unique bamboo wind chimes to thousands of individuals, retail stores, celebrities and catalogs across the US. All our wind chimes are selected for quality and craftsmanship. Because we manufacture and directly import all of our products, we are able to sell superior products for less than our competitors.

Spirit Winds wind chimes are unique in every way. From wind chimes for feng shui applications such as our Bliss Mist Wind Chime and Feng Shui Car Chimes to our collection of fine bamboo wind chimes, all are quality hand-crafted and every wind chime has a 100% money back guarantee. Check out our Bamboo Bliss™ Collection of Bamboo Wind chimes from Bali.Our wind chimes start from bamboo groves that are specially managed to produce a high quality, thick-walled bamboo. Using special varieties of bamboo, we are able to produce a dense, completely solid bamboo for our wind chimes. We then use our own hot wax procedure to seal in moisture and reduce cracking. Each chime is hand tuned using quality polished aluminum and is held from individual doweled cords made of a tough weather-resistant nylon. We do not use staples, rivets, or spray on varnishes which would diminish the quality of chimes. Spirit Winds wind chimes are hand crafted by skilled artisans, who have perfected their craft throughout many generations. Each chime has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stores with established resale numbers please call or email us for a wholesale catalog and price list.



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